Video - a youthful make-up in 5 minutes flat

Start by working the complexion in transparency. Apply an anti-aging foundation with a brush, from the center of the face to the outside. Put it only on areas lacking in luster. Choosing the right shade of foundation is a sure makeover. Too dark, it weighs down the features and plumps up the complexion. Too bright, it brings out the imperfections. So be sure to choose one perfectly suited to your complexion

Then place a champagne-colored cream eyeshadow on the movable eyelid to erase the dark side of the skin. Adapt the color of the eyeshadow to your complexion: on dark skin, choose a golden beige shade; on a clear skin, a pearl shade. Then brush the eyebrows upwards, then work the eyelashes with mascara.

To bring a boost extra, make up the lips with a flashy lipstick, which will illuminate the whole face. The right tone? A rose with a hint of red, or a red with a raspberry flavor. Apply it directly to the grape, then redraw the contours of the mouth with a brush, for a more precise finish. The raspberry hue is suitable for all skin tones and all ages. It brings a sophisticated touch, while giving the look a spring effect. Clear eyes will love it because it makes them sparkle. Finish by refreshing the cheekbones with a touch of pink blush.

Realization: Virginie de Tarlé. Photos: Frédéric Christen. Make-up: Angloma for Sisley. Hairstyle: Yumiko with the Hair ritual Sisley. Styling: Lauriane Seigner.

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5 MINUTE FACE | Youthful Makeup + Casual Outfit (May 2020)

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