Video: apply the smoky and liner duo well

Timeless, the dark liner line guarantees a chic look, regardless of the color of his eyes or his complexion. Claire Blavet, Chanel make-up artist explains how to make a success of her layout.

The right match: We no longer play it femme fatale with a ruby ​​red on the lips, but on the contrary we match it with a peach complexion, nude lips and a steel eyeshadow. This is the new chic 2013!

The pro gestures: Lightly powder the eyelid, or apply a base or drop a touch of foundation to unify. Drop your eye shadow on the entire eyelid. You can then start the line with a kohl pencil, like a draft, if you are not comfortable with the eyeliner. Start with a thin line down the middle of the eyelid and then stretch outward. Try to draw like a cat look. Then fill the internal angle with a very thin line towards half of the eye to reach the start. The more round the eye, the finer the line should be. Then arch the lashes with a black mascara.

To make this look, you need:

- Black, Chanel graphic line, € 32

- Be Long Mascara, Clarins, € 25.50

- Satin Dream Lipstick, T. Leclerc, € 19

Do you like dark eyes? Quickly discover the reverse smoky video.

Opening photo credits: Avi Mac Kay

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