Video: applying varnish to the feet

With a flawless manicure, dare a color that smacks on your toes for the summer. Follow the advice of our expert Alexandra Falba, training manager for the Culture of Color brand, who will explain to you all the right application gestures to get a nice result and slip your pretty feet right into your sandals.

Some rules for applying your varnish like a real pro:

Rule n ° 1: always apply a transparent base on the nail.

Rules n ° 2: the true color of a varnish is always two coats.

Rules n ° 3: the top coat, once applied protects your varnish from shocks.

Rules n ° 4: the ideal is to let everything dry for 30 minutes.

Useful accessories for a pedicure? Take a foam toe spreader and a correction pen (pre-soaked in solvent).

thanks to Culture of Color

For impeccable feet all summer long, find notre home pedicure video.

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