Video: eyebrow makeup for an elongated face

What form of eyebrows to adopt?

of the straight and thick eyebrows are perfect for highlighting a long face because they bring more structure and dimension to the look and thus balance the features.

The right gesture to perform

Brush the bristles down with a brush. Highlight the lower part with a cream gel slightly softening the natural arch of the eyebrows to make them look more straight. Then fill the inside of the eyebrows with the cream gel and define the upper line. Apply a fixing mascara as a finish.

The products used in this video:

- ka-BROW! Cream gel, Benefit, € 27.50.

- 3D-BROWtones fixing mascara, Benefit, € 27.50.

Thanks to Benefit.

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The perfect eyebrows for your face shape (based on the golden ratio) ǀ Justine Leconte (May 2020)

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