Video: eyebrow makeup for an oval face

What form of eyebrows to adopt?

The advantage of oval faces is thatthey can dare all forms of eyebrows. The idea is therefore to sublimate the natural shape of the eyebrows by bringing them just a little more structure.

The right gesture to perform

Start by emphasizing the lower eyebrow line with a pencil. Fill the inside of the eyebrows with the pencil using light strokes. Blend everything with a brush by raising the hairs upwards. apply a tinted mascara to fix makeup, discipline hairs and add a little more density.

The products used in this video

- Goof Proof pencil, Benefit, € 27.50.

- Gimme Brow Mascara, Benefit, € 27.50.

Thanks to Benefit

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How to Contour Your Oval Face | Sephora (May 2020)

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