Video - Floral nail art: make beautiful patterns on your nails

1 / Apply a base,

2 / Let dry,

3 / Ask 2 layers of taupe varnish on the ring finger and middle finger,

4 / Ask 1 layer of pink varnish on the other fingers,

5 / Put a little white varnish on your "palette", then dip a "dotting tool" in the white varnish and start placing small dots on the taupe nails,

6 / On your other nails, apply a layer of glitter lacquer on the layer of pink varnish,

7 / With the pink varnish, start to create flowers on the nails taupe varnish with white dots using an ultra-fine brush,

8 / Put red varnish on your palette and accentuate with the "heart" of the flowers you have drawn,

9 / Then put green (or blue duck) on your palette, you will draw with small leaves to accompany,

10 / Apply a layer of top coat to fix.

Here ! Your nail art, "all beautiful, all flowery" is finished.

Thanks to Julie, from the blog I'm varnished

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