Video - green makeup for clear eyes

Start with fade redness and eye shadow for a flawless complexion. With a fine brush, apply a concealer locally, then unify the complexion with a foundation to stretch over areas that lack consistency. The work of the complexion is very important, it allows to erase all small defects, which could be amplified by the use of a strong color on the eyelids.

Then ask an emerald green eyeshadow, solid, on the mobile eyelid. It will highlight the blue iris. Choose a cream eyeshadow, stick, and if necessary, stretch the color with a brush, to thicken the eyelid. Redefine the lashes one by one with a black mascara. For fade redness inside the eye, use a beige pencil, to be placed close to the lashes. It brightens and enlarges the look.

Warm up the complexion with an apricot or coral blush. On the lips, settle for a beige or pinkish beige balm, which brings light, without overloading the face in color.

Realization: Virginie de Tarlé. Photos: Frédéric Christen. Make-up: Angloma for Sisley. Hairstyle: Yumiko with the Hair ritual Sisley. Styling: Lauriane Seigner.

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