VIDEO - How to fix a broken lipstick?

Pink, purple, orange ... The lipstick sublimates all mouths and fits all make-ups. This is why it is very often part of your beauty routine. But this little colored stick is very fragile. Sometimes it breaks in half, and that's where disaster. Follow our tips to patch it up in just a few minutes. This is magical !

To get started, take all the necessary equipment, that is, a knife, a lighter, a toothpick and a paper towel. Then take the knife and scrape the end of each part of the lipstick: the broken grapes and the base hanging on the tube. Replace the part on its base then heat with the lighter so that the two pieces stick together. Take the toothpick to fill the holes at the junction of the two ends of lipstick then heat again. Wipe the stick and voila!

How not to break his red? Take care not to open it too much and not to press hard on the lips. Otherwise, the grape moves and eventually detaches from the base. The good trick ? Apply it with softness !

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Hack: Fix Your Broken Lipstick (May 2020)

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