Video: How to make a reverse smoky?

This look worked in a rock spirit is suitable for women who have a little round eye because it allows to correct its shape. Claire Blavet, Chanel make-up artist, explains step by step how to achieve this look.

The right match: Do not make up the mobile eyelid. On the other hand, the eyebrow must be worked very well. After applying a light blush, make a fruity mouth with a slightly shiny raspberry or orange hue.

The pro gestures: Shade the underside of the eye with an anthracite or dark gray eyeshadow deposited with a sparkling brush, then blend with your fingers. Accentuate the effect by making small dots near the lashes with the kohl pencil. This gives strength to the look. Intensify with a stroke of black mascara.

To make this look you need:

- Chanel Khôl Noir Pencil, € 20.50

- Deep anthracite Regard pencil, Yves Rocher, € 5.50

- Essential Eye Shadow Bad Behavior, Nars, € 25 at Sephora

- Shading Brush, One, € 9.90

- Super Extension 522 Mascara, Maria Galland, € 24.50

- Rouge Démesure Rose des Merveilles, Marionnaud, € 12.90

Fancy a slap-on make-up? Find the copper makeup video.

Opening photo credits: Avi Mac Kay

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