VIDEO - How to remove your varnish without solvent: the editorial team has tested!

If applying varnish can sometimes be difficult, removing it is not a slim deal no more. Base, colored varnish then top coat : all these layers of products can be complicated to remove, especially when you have no more remover.

But don't panic, the editorial team testedother ways so you can remove it without a specialized product. Follow the guide !

1 / Remove your varnish with hairspray

Some claim that the lacquer for hair can be used to remove the varnish. It would be enough to spray hair product on the nails and rub with a cotton. But this technique is not very effective: part of the varnish is removed but there are still a lot. We do not recommend.

2 / Remove your varnish with deodorant

Another trick that would work: the deodorant. Applied on nails, it would dissolve the varnish. You would have to wait a few seconds and remove everything with cotton. This time, the varnish remains intact: it does not leave. This solution is not not the right one.

3 / Remove your varnish with 90 ° alcohol

Often used as disinfectant, alcohol at 90 ° would also be effective in ridding nails of varnish. After pouring it onto a cotton pad, apply it all over the nail. It’s successful: the varnish leaves! If you do not have a solvent at home, choose this solution convenient and cheap. But be careful all the same because 90 ° alcohol can be aggressive handle the skin with care.

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