Video - Marked dark circles, how to camouflage them?

Whether it is genetic or following heavy fatigue, dark circles: we don't want them! So how to hide them the best ? Take out your make-up case, let's go!

First, use a tinted concealer adapted to the color of your dark circles : if the ring is brown, choose a concealer orange to break the brown hue. If it's more purple, it's a color yellow that you will need. Apply it in small strokes following the ring, to the inner corner of the eye. Using a brush, gently spread the color out lightly tapping, with particular emphasis on the inner hollow of the eye.

Then, unify the complexion with your powder, then apply a small touch of illuminator under the eye to brighten your eyes. Finish by making up your eyes, without forgetting the application of your mascara to sublimate everything!

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