Video: natural contouring

What is contouring?

Use the technique of "contouring" which consists of working a duo of dark and light eyeshadows in light and shade. The goal is to transform the face so as to give it the most oval shape possible to soften the features. Dig by adding shaded areas with a brown eyeshadow and increase the volumes with a bright light eyeshadow.

The right gesture

Using a brush, draw circles from the outside to the inside, but never from the center to the outside. The darkest shade should be on the outside, sculpt the cheekbones and then the forehead and flush with the jaw and always darken towards the hairline. Put light eyeshadow on the curved part of the cheekbone, going below the eye towards the middle of the cheek, on the forehead, in the middle of the chin then put the blush above, towards the outside.

Thanks to Clarins

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