Video - Shy'm's beauty routine in 5 minutes flat

Beautiful in nature, Shy'm also likes to take the time to make up. But what is it her favorite beauty routine daily ?

First of all, the interpreter of So what ! works her eyes: she starts by brushing her eyebrows for a natural effect, then using a fine brush and a dark brown eyeshadow, she fills the less dense areas, with small touches and following the line of her eyebrow. A touch of black mascara to lengthen her lashes, and presto!

On the mouth, Shy'm uses a nude pencil to trace the outline then she adds a touch of gloss by tapping, in a shade close to that of her lips, to stay in natural.

Finally, the singer uses coral blush on her cheekbones to give her face a boost, and finish her make-up. His tip: smile, to enhance your cheekbones and apply your blush, 8-shaped.

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