Video: the copper make-up on the eyelids

This warm tone brightens the eyes. Claire Blavet, Chanel make-up artist, explains step by step how to achieve this look. On a fair skin, opt for a coppery brown, on a matte complexion, dare a tone more loaded with orange pigments. For the rest of the makeup, stay in clear tones, with a melted blush and lips dressed in a color to bitten mouth effect.

The trick is to darken the eyelid with a metallic brown pencil that will be used as the basis for applying blended eyeshadow. Work only the mobile eyelid, intensifying to the maximum. Add a second layer of eyeshadow, pressing it lightly over the eyelid. Then degrade outwards with the fingertip. Add lashes with black or dark brown mascara.

To make this look, you need:

- Illusion d'ombre Ebloui, Chanel, € 29.50

- Black Gold Eye Shadow Pencil, Smashbox at Sephora, € 19

- Twist Up the Volume Mascara, Bourjois, € 14.95

- Colorsensational Vivid shocking Coral, Gemey, € 11.70

- Bronze Graphic Liner, Chanel, € 32.

Do you love the metallic make-up? Find our silver look on video.

Opening visual credits: Avi Mac Kay

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