Video: the green liner line

The good route
With an emerald green pencil, draw a slightly thick line flush with the upper and lower lashes. The metallic color of the mine brings additional light to the eyes. Gently melt the material with your finger to avoid graphic lines.

How to make up your eyelashes?
Extend the lash fringe with an intense black mascara applied by a back-and-forth movement to darken the root and also give a lash-like effect when pulled out of the water.

Finish with a peach complexion
Apply a healthy glow blush, apricot or pink color depending on your tan. Choose a cream texture that allows you to reapply your sunscreen on top without worrying about material. Combine this makeup with a very fresh light gloss like a light coral.

Good shopping:

Aqua XL Eye Pencil, Iridescent Lagoon Green, Make Up for Ever, € 19

Waterproof Eye Pen, Oasis, Chanel, € 25.

Blush Me 01 All Smiles, Sephora, € 7.95.

Color Dots Lips and Cheeks, Fruit Punch, Laura Mercier, € 32.

Voile de Gloss, Peach on the Beach, Etam, € 4.90.

Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara, Too Faced, € 23 at Sephora.

Direction and text Virginie de Tarlé, Makeup Elsa Durrens Makeup artist Chanel, Hairstyle Raynald Bernard, Photographer Noël Coleman

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Green Liner / Warm Eyeshadow | Makeup Tutorial (May 2020)

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