Video tutorial: eye makeup in 3 minutes flat

Save time in the morning with a quick and successful make-up : the dream. But how well do it without being sloppy? Here are the tips from our expert who gives you the keys to get there.

To begin, apply pencil flush with the eyelid, without trying to make a perfect line. Then, blend this line upwards with a brush, or with your finger. Then, make up the eyelid using a blush, but not in any way: raise the color from the roots of the lashes to the top of the eyelid, and blend.

Finally, choose an off-white eyeshadow, and apply it lightly in the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow, to a touch of brightness.

Finish with a touch of mascara: and voila!

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Eye makeup tutorial ,easy in 3 min. (August 2020)

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