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The idea of ​​replacing unwanted snacking with healthy products (fish + rice) seems a matter of common sense ... Besides, all vegetables are interesting as part of a balanced diet and a slimming diet! The only risk is the weariness of the soups and especially the deficiency.

For the best possible coverage of vitamins and minerals, you should vary your meals and foods as much as possible. And especially not to miss moments with family or friends!

His diet

Starving yourself is not his cup of tea. At breakfast, Belgian origins oblige, it soaks, bread, butter, and gray shrimps in café au lait. At noon, the M6 ​​host eats a sandwich or a tartare / fries. At four o'clock, it's a salted butter caramel-flavored macaroon. And to share the joy of the winners of the New Star, the star presenter nibbles on petit fours and falls for a glass of champagne…

So when she wants to lose weight, the bounty queen is just "careful." To get firmer, she went to Power Plate and boxing. Rather than fighting against the pounds, the thirty-something replaces the Snickers and the speculoos ice cream with sticks of surimi and sushi. It removes aperitif and Mayo, and forces on vegetable soups. The broccoli cream also serves as an evening meal.

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