Warhol the exhibition: our pop beauty shopping

Warhol Unlimited, the must see expo
Until February 7, the Museum of Modern Art in the city of Paris pays tribute to Andy Warhol, master of pop art. Silkscreened canvases, self-portraits, discover more than 200 works by a major artist often disputed. www.mam.paris.fr

Do you like the artist's paintings? Dare a pepsy and offbeat look like them.

  • With a touch of lip gloss, display glossy lips that will catch the light.
  • Put a touch of yellow mascara on the end of the fringe. Guaranteed effect with each stroke of the eyelashes.
  • Highlight your eyes with a dash of flashy pink liner, and you will sparkle.
  • Set the fire on with an orange-red manicure.
  • You have vibrant eyelids with a quartet of eyeshadows in electric colors.

Find our product slideshow now pop beauty.

Adopt the two-tone mouth following the steps in video.

Andy Warhol Exhibition in Rome. 170 Warhol works by the Pop Art supremo. 2019 Vittoriano Show 4k (May 2020)

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