We love this retro-chic look

The retro-chic look, decryption
A red mouth, a line of eyeliner, iridescent white eyeshadow at the inner corner of the eye and a slightly pink blush to enhance the complexion: this is what this makeup is made of. Hairstyle side: fuzzy waves on the lengths for a very feminine airy hairstyle.
You get a glamorous and fresh look at the same time, easy to wear every day.

Our advice : do not overload the make-up of the complexion, the eyes and lips being already well made up. For this, we choose light materials, such as a tinted cream, a BB or a CC cream. Finally, we just powder the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) to leave a little light on the cheeks. Good-looking effect guaranteed!

here are the essential make-up and hairstyling products to reproduce this look.

Also discover all of our tips for reproducing a pretty lady look.

Mini Lookbook | Vintage Style | Ootd | retro chic (September 2021)

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