Wear the suit well

Discover all of our tips for finding the model you need, based on your style and body type.

To each his own cup
Take the time to find the combination that best suits your figure. The choice is delicate because it involves putting your hand on one piece to enhance your whole body, from head to toe. A small mistake can become a real one fashion faux pas !

If you are tall and thin, opt for a loose and fluid model. It will give you the freedom to play with volumes and enhance your slender figure.
If you are small and petite, forget the long and loose models in blue working style. They will only pack your figure. Extend your bust and legs by opting for a short and adjusted combi.
If you have generous shapes, highlight your strengths with a long, curved jumpsuit. Marking the high waist with a belt is also a good option.
If you are round, the combination is not the most flattering room. It is therefore to be chosen with care. Ideally, your jumpsuit is fluid, with a loose collar to highlight your chest, and ample at the legs. Opt for a solid model that you will wear with XXL accessories and high heels.

Casual chic by day…
One of the benefits of the jumpsuit is that once you put it on, all you have to do is accessorize it to create the look of your choice.
> For a trendy and relaxed outfit, roll up your sleeves slightly, put on a few necklaces and the essential printed XXL scarf.
> At your feet, if you are tall, you can afford to wear sneakers or briefs on plates. If you are shorter than 1.65 meters, consider lengthening your figure by adopting wedge sneakers or wide heel boots instead.
> In terms of colors, we rush on ocher, khaki and jeans! If you are tall and slim, you can allow yourself some madness by adopting the bohemian look with a jumpsuit with floral or ethnic prints. Play the hippie card all the way by wearing it with a faux fur sleeveless vest and a fringed bag. Suede ankle boots will complete the ensemble.

Chic and sexy at night ...
At cocktail time, the combination turns out to be sexy and glamorous.
For a drink with friends, the slender ones will adopt a bustier jumpsuit. Ultra-feminine, it sublimates the shoulders and the wearing of the head. If you have a little more breast (cup B or more), bet on a satin and fluid model in dark tones with a feminine cut. Accessorize your room with a nice pair of earrings or a fine necklace before putting on your most beautiful heeled sandals and spinning.
For a night, the tuxedo suit is your best ally. Imperatively black, low-cut and sexy, the jumpsuit is generally cut from ultra-feminine materials such as satin and lace. On the accessories side, stay sober and bet on a pair of black pumps and a small clutch. Finally, a smoky eye and nude lips will make you a real femme fatale.

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