What are we eating for dessert this fall?

Pretty, pretty fruit salads

This summer, you loved the tomato salads, so don't lose your rhythm and continue with fruit salads: apples, grapes, prunes, nuts, figs ... Replace the mozzarella with a tablespoon of mascarpone or a scented whipped cream and raspberry colored.

The original recipe: Avocado fruit salad

Quince, quince

Do you know the fruit pastes? When they are not rolled in sugar, it is called quince paste. This fruit is a delight, it goes wonderfully with a cheese platter and is a little treat ideal for tasting it.

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Apple or pear

The apple desserts are delicious, as are the pear desserts. These two fruits are the stars of autumn. If your heart swings between the two, did you know that there is a Japanese fruit: nashi translated into apple-pear. And to vary the pleasures, note that the apple can marry the cucumber or the beet without worry. And surprise your taste buds by mixing the pear with ginger or cinnamon. And even better, play with both flavors in an apple-pear compote.

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Famous fall party, for Halloween these desserts can be revisited in scary versions. Brain cake or spiders, tomb verrines ... Your greatest fear can be tasted!

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20 Tasty Fall Desserts (July 2020)

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