What deductions for my retirement?

In 2017, the CSG decreased for nearly 550,000 modest retirees, i.e. an average gain of 30 to 45 € / month. But by the way, what samples are taken from our pensions ?

General case. If you are domiciled for tax purposes in France, your retirement from the general scheme is subject to the general social contribution (CSG), the contribution for the reimbursement of social debt (CRDS) and the solidarity contribution for autonomy (Casa) .

Exemptions. If you receive a solidarity allowance (ASI, ASPA *, widowhood allowance, increase for a third party) or if your annual income does not exceed € 12,216 for one part, you are not affected by any levy (the threshold is established in 2016 at € 10,676).

A variable rate. The withdrawal rate for the CRDS is always 0.50%, but that of the CSG varies according to income by 3.8% (up to € 15,972 / year of income for one part, against € 13,956 / year in 2016) at 6.6% (high rate). Subject to the high rate, you also pay the Casa at the rate of 0.3% (plus health insurance contribution of 1.50% in the general local scheme of Alsace-Moselle or 1.1% in the local agricultural scheme ).

And the complementary?Agirc, Arrco and Ircantec supplementary pensions are subject to the CSG, CRDS, and CSA like the basic plan (including family supplements), plus a health insurance contribution at the rate of 1% (plus additional contribution d health insurance of 1.5% in the general local Alsace-Moselle scheme or 1.1% for the local agricultural scheme).

Tax resident abroad? You only pay a health contribution at the rate of 3.2%.

* Additional invalidity allowance, solidarity allowance for the elderly.

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Deduction for Individual Retirement Account | Roth IRA | Income Tax Course | TCJA 2017 (September 2021)

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