What has become of Jordy, the baby star of the 90s who turns 31?

Hard to be a star child. At only 4 years old, Jordy went from shadow to light with the title Hard, hard to be a baby! Released in 1992 and positioned at the head of the Top 50 for 15 weeks, this song signed the success of the little boy. An ephemeral celebrity since the musical career of the - very - young singer stopped in 1995, after two other albums less well received by the public.

⋙ The singer Jordy papa for the first time

Ten years later, in 2005, it nevertheless made its media comeback. 17 years old at the time, he participated in The Celebrities Farm 2, alongside Nathalie Marquay or Daniel Ducruet. Far from having been forgotten by viewers, it is also the big winner of the game thanks to the votes of the public. In 2006, he published his autobiography entitled I am no longer a baby, in which he tells how his father would have spent almost all his profits. In parallel, he began a career as an actor, with an appearance in the series Under the sun, and goes back to music with the title I'll teach you .

The young man even released a new album in 2008, with his rock band Jordy and the dixies, without experiencing the expected success. He thus decides to resume his studies, and obtains his baccalaureate in remedial studies before embarking on sound engineering studies, at ISTS Paris. In 2012, he returns to the cameras, the time of an episode for scripted reality The day everything changed.

Today, Jordy is 31 years old and runs his own company, Dur dur productions, which produced the short film. Weapons and consequences. The singer also became the father for the first time in 2018, of a son named Milo. It remains to be seen whether the little boy will also start playing music.

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