What is a tonic lotion?

What's the point ?

In the evening, it removes the last make-up residues after a make-up removal without rinsing, such as those with milk. Upon awakening, this freshness treatment, formulated without alcohol, cleanses the skin of the sebum film produced in quantity overnight, without drying it out. With a gesture, it tightens pores and boosts the radiance of your skin, now ready to be hydrated.

How it works ?

It is enough to soak a cotton pad and to pass it, after makeup removal, over the whole face. Always perform the strokes from the inside to the outside, avoiding the eye area. Let it dry for a few seconds, and take advantage of its energizing action, before applying your day care.

For who ?

For all women who want flawless skin, but whose sensitive skin does not support makeup removal with water, or who simply do not like this solution.

Good shopping:

- Hydrating Facial Tonic Lotion, Herborist, 35 euros at Sephora.

- Hydrating Toning Lotion, Caudalie, 14.40, euros.

- Le Tonique, Crème de la Mer, 75 euros.

- Tonique Caresse Confort Suprême, L'Oréal Paris, 4.49 euros.

Thank you Anne Clément, Scientific Director Dr. Pierre Ricaud

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Find the right gestures for top makeup removal by watching the video below.

What is a Toner or a Toning Lotion: How to Use it? When to Use it? (May 2020)

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