What is the recipe for a good love movie?

A guy (of course)

For example... Marc Darcy in Bridget Jones, English a bit stuck but that, if he was at home, we would not go to sleep in the bathtub. Richard Gere in Pretty woman, the guy who is both handsome AND rich like Croesus: an additional injustice in the world. Prime Minister in Love Actually, because Hugh Grant is sexy even when he sings Christmas stuff.

The cliché. Well, that's the basic ingredient: for a love film to leave stars in our eyes, the Prince Charming must be adorable-but-a little bit annoying, attentive just enough, funny and friendly. And canon, too, because all the same, it is him that we are going to put on the poster of the film.

Then, several possible schemes: either the poor devil is friendzoné from the start by the heroine (who will realize 10 minutes before the end that, oh well!, The man of his dreams is hooked on his sneakers from the start ), either they hate each other cordially (but ultimately, Madame will understand that he is not so mean and that, even, he would make a good dad for his children), or it is love at first sight (and after many adventures, it's a happy end).

A girl (because it goes with it)

For example... Jennifer Lopez in Love at first sight in Manhattan : the Cinderella myth revisited. The eternal bridesmaid in 27 dresses : Madame "I am very well single, but I still suffer from not being married". Scarlett in Gone with the wind, beautiful, rebellious and timeless.

The cliché. Don't look: in the vast majority of cases, the romantic comedies we love are heterosexual - apart from The Secret of Brokeback Mountain, but curiously, it makes us dream less. The couple is a gentleman + a madam, period.

The heroine of the film is "the" girl with whom we must identify: inevitably, there is something for everyone! A nunuche who waits for Prince Charming (and who will eventually meet him), a working girl who is far too busy to be interested in her love life (but who will not be able to escape it), a rebel burnt by life who s 'is sworn never to fall in love (we bet?), a solo mom who does not fare better (but who will find the perfect dad) ... In short, girls like you and me - well almost.

A good girlfriend (if possible, a little crazy)

For example... Read in Crazy, Stupid Love : the girl who tries at all costs to put her best friend with the handsome guy from the film - and she's right. Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe's Friends) in P.S: I Love you : the organized bachelor who has patented a series of questions to track down the man of her dreams. The best gay friend in Bridget Jones' diary : he wrote a song and now he gives his (enthusiastic) opinion on the ass shots from our favorite Bridget.

The cliché. How to transform a film with rose water into a “romantic comedy”? Easy: inject a slightly barjo character who will come to make jokes on a regular basis (and sometimes annoying, we recognize it). The master in this field is the unforgettable Spike in Love at first sight in Notting Hill : Hugh Grant's roommate, with his kangaroo briefs and his legendary T-shirts.

But the stooge is not only a clown: sometimes, it also serves as a messenger, dramatic bail ... or script writer ("But wake up, banana, he loves you!").

An unforgettable first kiss (on a violin background)

For example... Jamie and Aurélia in Love Actually (in the airport parking lot, before he goes home, sniff), Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis in Heartbreaker (by the sea and after a declaration of love based on Roquefort), Gérard Butler and Katherine Heigl in The ugly truth (in a hot air balloon - because, why not?)

The cliché. He loves her, she loves him, it's wonderful. Now, we will have to move on to practical work: this is where the sacrosanct scene of the kiss comes in, absolutely essential in 100% of romantic comedies (and we know it, we checked). The recipe that works: a little unusual declaration of love or classical + romantic music as it should (violin, that's good) + a slightly funny situation (under the stars, in the rain, under the bombs, you see) = a spectator who cries like a madeleine. And if you want to push the widget a little, you can send Mister and Madam to bed: it's called saving time!

Terrrrrrrible betrayal ("How could he ?!")

For example... The poor secretary in Love Actually who is fired by the Prime Minister because she dared to mess with a diplomat (but it was not his fault, I promise). Marc Darcy, who states in The diary of Bridget Jones : "I don't want an old girl who dresses like her mother, smokes like a fireman and drinks like a hole" and finally, yes! In 27 dresses, the journalist who publishes a very sharp article on the pretty girl ... but returns to apologize to ensure the happy ending of rigor.

The cliché. It is a scripted spring worn down to the rope: after 30 minutes of film, Monsieur and Madame finally understood that they were made for each other. And there, catastrophe, a misunderstanding comes to spoil everything: he believes that she is cheating on him, she believes that he is going to go to the end of the world, he is convinced that she is married, she freaks out the idea of ​​getting involved... Do not panic: a few twists later, they are happy and in love again. You have to furnish 2 hours of film, right?

A little romantic phrase (or two)

For example... "I love you very much as you are" (again Marc Darcy in Bridget Jones' diary) "Can I stay for a while?" - You can stay forever. "(Love at first sight in Notting Hill) " You are late. - You are beautiful. - You are forgiven. "(Pretty woman)

The cliché. This is “the” little sentence that makes us dream and that we will publish on Facebook with a photo cul-cul praline - a selfie with Chéri, for example. And it is also "the" sentence that the lovers from around the world will memorize to flirt on Meetic. A romantic signature, in a way ...

Ready to sleep the first evening?

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