When children give advice to the future President of the Republic!

These are fun and refreshing short videos, made for Public Senate, which express Baptist, Leo, Maria, Bana or Samuel. Short sequences of one to two minutes in which children give their ideas to the future President. On topics as different as Wealth and poverty, Alcohol and cigarettes, Fight against terrorism, Animals or even Literature, Flowers, Taxes and even Swimming pool… The children are astonishing there insight. As a fair-haired man explains, to fight poverty, "banks should stop asking for interest money." His boyfriend advocates the end of money, which he suggests replacing with the exchange of objects. Pre-teen campaigning for gender: "I encourage women to be presidents! Their words also sometimes reflect childish nightmares. Regarding terrorism, for example, a brunette takes a stand against the war: "By dint of killing people, other people turn into killer clowns ..." When the images on TV join urban legends! Tristan, 9, advises the future president to change tactics to attack the terrorists: “Every time, we get fucked up! We need to strengthen the police. ”Another basic piece of advice, a President must be honest, let it be said! "You shouldn't abuse your power, and accept money for something you don't want to do ..."
More Tips to the President videos are available here.

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often (August 2020)

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