With or without a beard, the smart app for men

Are you moderately convinced by Monsieur's beard or mustache desires? To avoid capillary missteps, opt for the Grooming application.

Just download (on Apple or Android) your darling's photo to see it on the screen of your Smartphone wearing a musketeer goat, a thin mustache a la Clark Gable, a light shadow of 2 to 3 days, model version sexy, or a 6-day beard. It is up to you to choose the look that makes you fall in love and subtly suggest that your man adopt it.

The little extra: Tips and express tutorials for a perfect shave. No more cuts on his baby skin, or accidents in his beard provided, forward the app!

Philips Grooming application.

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10 essential products to make them adopt.

And you, if you dare the boyish eyebrow?

How To Add Beard on Man Face Tutorial in Android Phone[Beard Photo Editor] (May 2020)

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